HEAVY SERIE WITH ALUMINIUM BAR / 72 in side cable carrier with alu bar

72X250 Cable chain wiht alu bar

Ürün Kodu: SE9 AL 250 R

Product Details

We use an aluminum bar for the cover, the cableveyor is strong,We can set the width in the cable carrier,
Using the aluminum cover, you can adjust the width that the customer desires.
We are reinforcing the closing of the lids 3 times ( according to the functions of pneumatic and oil pressure hoses.
It is easy to separate or insert because it is a looped cover method.
It is ensured that there is no gap between the rings and that the cables are not damaged due to their softness.

Material Properties 
PA6 With %30 Fiber Glass + Aluminium Bar

This cable carrier is applied to industrial machines, welding machines, automation machines and so on,Gantry robot, Machining center, Textile machine, Welding machine, Feeder unit, Wood work machine, Fabric machinez

Speed 5m/sec
Operating Temperature -30 °C -+ 130°C

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